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Alice gives you ten easy-to-implement strategies that you can use day one. I look at networking differently now and I highly recommend this to anyone who goes to networking events, because if you only followed half of the strategies, you’ll be more than twice as effective.
--Raymond Truitt

Each year we survey our membership to evaluate the quality of programs we provide. Alice Heiman‘s presentation was without a doubt one of the membership’s favorite. It is for these reasons I do not hesitate in recommending Alice as a speaker for any group/organization.
--Shari Netzel

Excellent presentation. I was totally captured. The content was great ... good emphasis on the points ... As many times as I've heard all of this I was still totally involved in your presentation. Seems such a simple minded topic and yet you've covered all the reasons why people do not network effectively! I'm one of those shy ones so your points are well directed.
--Ellen Shaw

Alice - Thanks so much for the great webinar - it was JUST what I needed to get going on networking. This was the only problem with moving - my network didn't move with me!
--Sue Miess

Your presentation inspired me to continue on the path of independent consulting... You made networking and sales accessible. I am well beyond shyness, but have not yet learned to translate connecting with people to secure business.
--Kim Campot

Meeting with you was a real turning point and I am very grateful! I am focusing on new directions and focusing new energies on new strategies. I am utilizing many of the strategies that you presented. I am taking a much more partnership approach to my clients and enjoying my job more every day! Overall many new things are happening and I believe it is due to your wonderful ideas and support.
--Frances Burke

Continually the best trainer I’ve ever seen.
--Scott Westfall

Networking Mastery for Sales Professionals
Learn what to do before, during and after a networking event to build your sales pipeline
Presented by Alice Heiman

Business cards are not leads! Deliver a few sales pitches, eat a few appetizers and run back to the office with a handful of business cards is the common networking strategy. While this may be a common strategy, it is not an effective way to grow a sales pipeline.

Alice Heiman, known as The Sales Connector, has trained hundreds of sales people to get beyond the handshake and begin relationships that lead to sales. She teaches you what to do - before, during and after - the networking event so the people you’ve met eagerly await your call. Effective networking is just what you need to build your sales pipeline and Alice will show you exactly how to become an event networking master.

In this virtual training seminar, you'll learn how to:

• Develop a networking strategy so you have a game plan for the event
• Size up the room so you spend time with the right people
• Get introduced to those you want to meet … even when you don’t know anyone at the event
• Master the key building blocks of relationships for real connections with your target prospects
• Stop sounding like a product-pusher and open the doors to business relationships
• Share an engaging message that leaves them wanting to hear more

All registrants also receive Alice’s ebook “Connecting Your Way to More Business” to help you implement the teachings from this virtual training course.

Suggested Attendees: Sales and business development executives

About the Presenter:
Since 1997 Alice Heiman has been helping companies increase sales and one of the easiest and most effective ways she’s found for entrepreneurs and small businesses to increase sales is by getting connected and building relationships through networking. She’s been featured in magazines and newspapers, and has received numerous awards including Saleswoman of the Year, Marketer of the Year, Community Spirit Award and the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award. Having ... read more


Alice Heiman

Networking, Sales, Business Development

30-day unlimited access to view this virtual training course

Tuition: $99.00