When I read Jim's profile I knew we had to connect; I knew we had synergy. Jim has provided great insight into the world of LinkedIn and the power of social media networking. Jim has enhanced my knowledge significantly in such a way that I can enhance the coaching and mentoring I offer to clients. Jim is certainly a productive thought-leader generating useful training and giving free information for his network and his clients. Jim knows what it means to give first. He gets in return the fullness of what he deserves for, not only himself, but for his network too. Jim is certainly a person I value in my network as he is selfless and giving. Thank you Jim for opening my eyes to further opportunities for growth. I look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis. Be Awesome! Richard
-- Dr. Richard Norris

Jim is an outstanding speaker, teacher, trainer and coach. His materials, techniques and examples make learning a pleasure and exciting. Jim's information is essential for social networking!
-- Veda Wood"

Jim has provided a valuable service for the clients and staff of Right Management, facilitating a seminar on effective use of LinkedIn. With his strong facilitation skills and personable, approachable manner, he is helping us help our clients by teaching them how to use online networking to their advantage in a job search or for career management or business development purposes. We are fortunate to have him contributing his knowledge and insights with us.
-- Michelle Tullier

When I worked with Jim, he excelled in three areas: 1) He had strong sales skills, and the ability to work with customers for win/win outcomes 2) Jim had a great command of sales management, balancing priorities, resources, staff development and account management in a highly productive fashion 3) He was a strong team builder, not only training his team in the skills they needed to be successful, and also providing a positive environment in which they could perform.
-- Martin Kelly

Jim found an aspect of career transition that was virtually untapped and turned it into a powerful tool to help individuals network more effectively and efficiently. The training he provided was clear, concise, and systematic. The ideas he presented were evidence of creative thinking and outside of the box. He is enthusiastic and eager to share his knowledge with others. I strongly recommend Jim as in individual who can take a global view of a problem situation and drill down to the details to find the solutions.
-- Donald Horton

Jim Browning is a talented trainer on Linked In and eager to share his knowledge with others. He has taught the fundamentals of Networking to audiences who are just starting out to the more advanced user who is seeking more of the features and tricks of LinkedIn. Jim is passionate for LinkedIn and answered questions easily. This training has helped me in with my networking efforts and enabled me to reach contacts in my job search at my target companies I have attended his training sessions twice and learned something new each time. I highly recommend Jim Browning for any LinkedIn training that your group needs and suggest that you attend his session if you are a job seeker or trying to grow your professional network!
-- Melissa Gettis


Jim Browning

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Business Coaching
Sales Management

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