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  Tips for Successful Prospecting
Written by Drew Stevens PhD   

How to Prospect Successfully


The act of selling is comparable to gold mining. The original gold miners searched everywhere and labored to discover gold. They got their hands dirty, sloshing through mud and mountains in search of destiny. They simply exhausted themselves.


Prospecting need not be labor intensive, but it does need to be done- lead generation is contingent upon it. Prospecting helps to maintain the pipeline so there is a continuous flow of leads in the queue, this is especially useful when selling based on monthly net. However, research supports the notion that many selling professionals not only do not take the time to prospect but they do not prospect well.


One of the best items used for prospecting is The Wall Street Journal. If you are in sales and you want to meet economic buyers then you must read the daily business bible. The Wall Street Journal provides you with content of competition, the industry and economic environment. Articles provide data on industry trends while also providing a platform for better conversations. Reading the journal assists in finding those buyers that need your services, while using current events that help you articulate value.


Another abandoned prospecting staple is a company annual report. These widely regarded research tools contain an abundance of information about an organization. The three vital elements are the letter from the Chief Executive Officer or President indicating the firm’s strategy, the second is the financial strength of the company and the third includes risk and growth areas of the business. Business prospecting is refined by not only understanding who to speak with but what to say after hello.


Finally, the proliferation of the Internet allows plentiful data to arrive in your daily email inbox. There are services such as Factiva© from Dow Jones, Google Alerts© and others that allow selling professionals to discover new information about both accounts and industry trends. These resources are not only information savvy but easy to use. Simply subscribe to the services, develop personal alerts and await the information to be sent. More importantly with the need for knowledge today, information quickly informs you of imperative market changes, economic issues, political influences, acquisitions etc. Imagine having content that places selling professionals at a competitive advantage. In addition, calling the right prospect with competitive information only increases chances of creating prospecting opportunities.


Prospecting today does not require the same labor as earlier decades however there is a need work smart. Selling professionals that know where to mine the data remain at a competitive advantage because they have content economic buyers want to discuss. Prospecting involves connecting with the right people while creating the right levels of provocative conversation. Begin to mind your territories, and increase your intensity with the proper resources to get you the golden opportunities you seek.


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