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  Monday Momentum with Dr. Drew
Written by Drew Stevens PhD   

Monday Momentum with Dr. Drew


While traveling in my car recently for errands I was caught listening to Lionel Ritchie who spoke of having 30 years in the recording business. Mr. Ritchie spoke of leaving a legacy. Unfortunately many are more concerned with their 15 minutes than leaving a legacy. The New Year is a time for you to renew vows and set your sites on your future. Think about leaving a legacy rather than simply the “15 Minutes of Fame”.


You can begin your legacy with:

·      Seek positive people and a support team; eliminate those that undermine your efforts.

·      Seek advice from legacy experts whom you trust.

·      Find something you are passionate about and engage it, do not float to every next best thing!

·      Discover new things every day.

·      Live for the moment, not the past.

·      Journal important facts and dates that positively impact you.

·      Read something everyday that helps you grow!

·      Purchase things that aid you and decrease your labor.


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