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  The Rearview Mirror - Tips on Getting Through the Holidays
Written by Drew Stevens PhD   


What is it about the holiday season that appears to bring out the worse in people? It sometimes appears that everyone is in a great big rush, while others have the attitudes twice as bad a Scrooge.


Conversations with peers and friends show that stress is up and overall customer service is down. Just yesterday as I was attempting to park my car for an appointment someone almost totaled my vehicle and then whisked away while making obscene gestures.


Whatever happened to that time when just after 9-11 many of us were so scared that we not only commiserated with strangers we said hello to them. Remember when individuals would simply smile at you in the street and take a bit more interest? While the stress of that fateful September is incalculable, the current stress of the recession has altered attitudes.


Each day is a gift and we need to stop living under the pretence that life sucks. In the past year several people I know have either died or just averted death due to fateful disease. Innocent soldiers are dying each day to defend our freedoms and children are abused or dying of famine or disease. Does getting to the stoplight a nanosecond quicker really matter? Does passing me on a double yellow line get you there sooner because I am doing the speed limit? Does not acknowledging my greeting keep you in your introversion?


This is the time of year to be thankful for what you have, and for what you wish for. It is a time to be thankful for those around you and what you have created. Save the nasty crap, life is too short, after all when you are nasty while passing me in traffic you still have to face yourself in the rearview mirror.


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