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  Dr. Drew's Cold Calling Rant
Written by Drew Stevens PhD   
Dr. Drew's words of sales wisdom for better sales fitness

Quote of the Day

“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin


Thought of the Day

I was in the middle of a meeting yesterday when my cell phone rang. I do not typically answer any calls during a meeting but I informed my client I was expecting a call. That said, it was not my call but a cold caller! The typical mundane salutation immediately perturbed me, “Hey are you”? I retorted with the issue my number was private she should not have access. She replied, “I got it from a list.


This is the reason why cold calling gets its knocks. It is the reason why selling professionals gain the stereotype. It is also the reason why many individuals are having issues opening doors. Einstein once stated, “Insanity is doing the same things repeatedly and expecting a new result.” Why follow the rules of the foolish when you can no results. Cold calling when done incorrectly only leads to a fools method of rejection.


Best Practice


Cold calling is still a method of obtaining new business if done appropriately, strategically and professionally. Here are some tips:

1.     Prepare for every call before you pick up the telephone. Research the company, the person and identify the possible objectives the client might desire.

2.     Prepare a list of questions for each call. Know what you are prepared to say before you say it.

3.     Do less talking and more questioning. More information is gained when the prospect does the speaking.

4.     Make notes and paraphrase when issues arise so they are understood.

5.     Listen for objections to address additional questions.

6.     Open the call with potential issues for the client not tiresome lines.


There are 12 techniques you can use daily to assist you sales efforts. If you seek a quick 12 step tip sheet for cold calling email me today. And ask about our Free 30 Minutes “Sales Acceleration Coaching Clinic”.


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