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  Job Hunting Tips in a Turbulent Economy
Written by Drew Stevens PhD   
According to Challenger and Gray, an outplacement consultation firm, numerous businesses, and industries ignore recessionary issues. These are the businesses that will thrive no matter in any economy; they are the heartbeat of every international economy.

The fear of the economy is weighing heavily on many people. Cost cutting, poor stock market news and restructuring are just some of the many things heard daily. During a respite in church yesterday, a parishioner told me her husband was terminated after 24 years. Happy Holidays! Even retail sales are decreasing illustrating signs of a dismal Christmas. Bah Humbug claims many. This year is not ending the way it began.

Incredibly, there is a positive aspect amongst the “shock and awe”. If you are in current transition or know someone that is, there is hope. According to Challenger and Gray, an outplacement consultation firm, numerous businesses, and industries ignore recessionary issues. These are the businesses that will thrive no matter in any economy; they are the heartbeat of every international economy.

Education. Education thrives in any economy. Each nation requires a competent workforce. In the United States alone, education continues to thrive with the introduction of both charter and online education. New adjunct and teaching jobs are required to educate the new workforce. As downsizing, restructuring or whatever the new term, individuals will re-educate to apply new methods for new positions.

Healthcare. The aging population of both the Baby Boomers and Veterans requires urgency for required healthcare professionals. Individual physician, hospitals, and specialized healthcare will require assistance. As individuals age, nursing homes, technicians, and record transcription services will provide numerous opportunities.

Fitness. The aging of Veterans, Baby Boomers, and Generation X will require a review of physical health. Since many corporations are cutting healthcare benefits, individuals will need to review their health. The aging affects of diabetes, obesity, possibly cancer and hear disease affects over 100 million Americans. Gymnasiums and fitness professionals will flourish caring for those that desire change.

Energy. The new administration of Barak Obama will hold to campaign promises of alternative energy. As the earth’s resources diminish, it is necessary to find new energy to assist the population increase.

Environmental. The diminishing of the earth’s resources and current issues of both Global Warming and Toxic Waste provides a renewal for “green” alternatives. Many corporations even real estate professionals are focusing energy in this area. Green skills will provide tremendous growth opportunities.

Child Care. Individuals work and as the Millennials become family oriented both parents will work. The need for services to a population of 80 million will be in great demand.

Pet Care. Most individuals love animals and they require care. With over 100 million pets in the United States, veterinary care is a growing industry.

Globalization. We no longer live in isolated environments. The world is now global and so must you. Talent in many industries is vital as Eastern Europe and Asia seek educational assistance and the United States technical. International Business will continue to grow especially for those cross culturally proficient.

Consulting. Since restructuring is a new corporate habit, there is a vital need for short term specialized services. Since there is a limit on internal resources, consultants aid in short term crisis. What is available specialization can you market? Expertise is never in limited supply.

Security. The avatar for security is the increase of terrorism. Expertise is vital in securing borders and public areas of interest. Second, crime increases during economic uncertainty and additional resource placates criminal activity.

Personal Care. Everyone needs to care for him or herself. Services such as barbers, hair beauticians, nail technicians and clothiers always succeed. In good and bad times, individual need for personal care is a necessity.

Dry Cleaning. Similar to personal care, individuals still require the cleansing of suits, ties, shirts, blouses, skirts, etc. The need for dry cleaning is a necessity.

Home Improvement. Residential and commercial sales decline but the need for improvement always exists. Do It Yourself and Residential Improvement services especially for storage seek increasing need.

Legal Services. From wills to bankruptcies, individuals always require legal assistance. Whether an attorney or paralegal, expertise is required with the growing populace.

Non- Profit. The non-for profit world is continually isolated from a recession. Volunteerism requires continually renewing resources to assist growth. In addition, Barak Obama advocates volunteerism, especially exemplified during his candidacy that said, he would play a great role with increasing this area.

If your job has been eliminated or you believe your job is threatened now is the time to look for new opportunities. As quickly as the recession began, it diminishes slowly. Rather than seek work in places of low interest, decreasing need and threatened, now is the time to seek new opportunities in growing fields. One need not look at the current economy as bleak simply change. Find renewal and growth in a new area where you can have passion, be safe, and live more content.

2008. Drew J. Stevens PhD. All rights reserved.

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