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  5 Steps for Becoming a Worldclass Innovator
Written by Bea Fields   

We have been talking a great deal lately on our blog about the topic of innovation…what it means, how you go about innovation and what it takes to truly become a world class innovator.

Today, I want to share with you five strategies I have used with companies to not only help move along the innovation cycle but methods you can use every day to help your team if they are stuck.

So, here we o:

1. ALL IDEAS ARE GOOD IDEAS…NO MATTER HOW BIZARRE THEY SEEM.  Many companies are so traditional that the thought of a “way out there on the fringe” idea is just not a viable option. The reality is that those ideas that people think would NEVER stick did stick.  Just look at how Duct Tape went to a multi-million dollar product, because people found some of the best AND most odd ways to use the material.  People just thought it would be ordinary tape, but people all over the world have shared stories about how they have used duct tape…from making a couch, to sealing off the entire back windows of cars to making a prom dress like the one you see to the … Read the rest of the post

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