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  Customer Reflection
Written by Drew Stevens PhD   

What do you see when you look in the mirror? This is not a trick question. Yes you see you. I am often amazed by the amount of individuals that own and operate businesses that constantly look in the mirror and only see themselves. The world of sales and marketing doesn’t operate from selfishness and conceit. Consumers today demand value and most importantly respect. Therefore several issues are most prevalent


1.     Operate from the other side of the mirror. Stop thinking about yourself and your business and think from the customer perspective.

2.     Provide value. Refrain from the folly of features speak from what is most imperative to the consumer.

3.     Stop speaking. Start questioning. You discover more when you are not talking.

4.     Stop the tactics. Operate from a strategic perspective and the driving force of your organization.

5.     Engage the client. Seeing from the customer’s eyes means providing them abounding customer service.

6.     Surprises. If you do not want any, mystery shop your own organization similar to a customer. Ensure service and support permeate the organization.


If you take just a few moments each day to envision issues from the client perspective you will create better returns and more revenues. Seeing things from the eyes of the customer alters perspective and initiates better value. What do you see when you stare into the mirror?



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Drew J. Stevens Ph.D. (Dr. Drew) is the author of Split Second Selling and the soon to be released Ultimate Business Bible and six other business books on sales, customer loyalty, self mastery and business development solutions. Drew helps organizations to dramatically accelerate revenue and outstrip the competition. He conducts over 40 international keynotes, seminars and workshops per year. Dr. Drew is the founder of the Sales Leadership Certificate one of only 14 programs in the United States offering an accredited degree in the profession of selling and has a top ranked podcast called Sales Acceleration. To discover how Dr. Drew can assist your organization visit his marketing and sales website or call 877-391-6821.