"We've used Lee's sales architecture methodology to bring discipline, structure, measurement and a degree of sophistication to our sales effort. We now have a clearly defined strategy, process and tools to pursue new KRM clients."
-- Rick Olson, Chief Executive Officer, KRM Information Services

"Sales & Marketing Management was extremely fortunate to have someone of Lee Salz's standing in its corner. A longtime columnist for SMM, as well as a member of its Editorial Advisory Board, his monthly Sales Architects installments demonstrated exactly why he's considered a sales management thought leader."
-- Jeremy Cohen, Managing Editor, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine"

-- Mike Moroz, President, Archway

"By implementing Lee's sales management strategies, our sales staff increased new season ticket sales by 65% over last season. This was accomplished with the same sales team as last season. What was different was our approach to sales management. Lee is a great sounding board, with practical solutions for increasing sales."
-- Susan Savage, CEO and Majority Owner, Sacramento River Cats

"Lee Salz is one of the true sales management thought leaders today. His expertise, energy, and down-to-earth communication style give him the unique ability to help sales organizations reach new levels of performance and excellence."
-- Jeb Blount, Founder and CEO of SalesGravy.com

"All sales people can improve their performance by using Lee's sales architecture strategy."
-- Edward Groark, former President, IKON Office Solutions, Technology Services

Books By Lee B. Salz:

"Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager"

"Stop Speaking for Free! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Webinars"

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Lee B. Salz

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Business Coaching
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