"Write Your Book Now" was a great webinar and since most of the attendees stayed online for the extended questions, I believe we can safely say it was a success!
-- Kim West, Institute of Management Consultants, USA

Lynda, you are the best friend a writer ever had. Thank you for your skilled guidance. I truly could not have [written this book] without you!
-- John D. Hughes, author, Haunting the CEO: A tale of true leadership in an era of IT failure"

You are an engaging and inspiring speaker. What impressed us so much is your ability to connect with the group as a whole and at the same time create authentic communication with individual participants. This is a special gift – the art of making a room full of relative strangers feel safe and comfortable while you explore what it truly means to understand ourselves more fully and empower our lives. Our members have been flooding my inbox with notes of gratitude for their evening.
-- Christie Jordan, Stanford Women's Club, Orinda, Calif.

Lynda is a catalyst for new and experienced writers, and she inspired me to resurrect a long-lost love for writing. Her book ‘Words at Work’ is a wonderful recounting of her own journey to become the excellent writer and coach that she is today.
-- David Gustafson, Potential Plus Consulting, North Bay, Calif.

Your guidance and suggestions challenged me to clarify my thinking about what I was saying. In addition, you created fresh sizzle and punch by merely changing a couple of key words. Amazing! Most important, though, is that your writing coaching and encouraging words boosted my enthusiasm for my writing and helped me far, far beyond what I could ever pay you.
-- William Rieben, CPA, Seattle, Wash.

I couldn’t stop marveling over you and your storytelling presentation. I thought that it was superb – the content and delivery were perfect. Thank you for providing all of us with such an enriching and enjoyable evening.
-- John Andrews, Grateful Survivor and Health Care Advocate, San Carlos, Calif.

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