“I am amazed at the power of this sales System. Not only did I get an appointment with my first 'Top Dog' prospect—but he was glad to see me and signed off on a $1.2 million contract!”
-- Manny Penate, Comsys

"Using this approach for cold calling executives we grew our business 22% last year. But more importantly, because of the relationships and the kinds of customers it brought us, we grew our earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) by 45%. We've also found that with the right relationship at the right level, a bump in the road isn't an earthquake. At a lower level, a bump in the road can be a major problem."
-- Vince Jennings, Kelly Services"

"My sales staff and I kept running into closed doors at Disney. Within a week of learning this material I was in with the executive in charge of making decisions, within the month we signed a contract that literally increased my company’s revenues by 50% for several consecutive years. My only regret is that this System wasn’t available 20 years ago!”
-- Judy Fontenot, Franchise Owner

"You have a positive influence and impact on me not only with how to 'cold call' but a positive mental attitude! Lastly, I can tell you sincerely love to help people and see them meet or exceed their goals."
-- Randy Meehan, Envision Group

"The program helped me tremendously. In fact, so well that I have taken a headquarter account manager position after out selling everyone on my team. Thanks!"
-- Elnora Jones, General Mills

"Thanks Leslie, for turning on the lightbulb! My benefit statement was used in the number 2 example. You gave me the clue I was looking for."
-- Laurence, The CLA Group

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