Alice gives you ten easy-to-implement strategies that you can use day one. I look at networking differently now and I highly recommend this to anyone who goes to networking events, because if you only followed half of the strategies, you’ll be more than twice as effective.
-- Raymond Truitt

Each year we survey our membership to evaluate the quality of programs we provide. Alice Heiman‘s presentation was without a doubt one of the membership’s favorite. It is for these reasons I do not hesitate in recommending Alice as a speaker for any group/organization.
-- Shari Netzel"

Excellent presentation. I was totally captured. The content was great ... good emphasis on the points ... As many times as I've heard all of this I was still totally involved in your presentation. Seems such a simple minded topic and yet you've covered all the reasons why people do not network effectively! I'm one of those shy ones so your points are well directed.
-- Ellen Shaw

Alice - Thanks so much for the great webinar - it was JUST what I needed to get going on networking. This was the only problem with moving - my network didn't move with me!
-- Sue Miess

Your presentation inspired me to continue on the path of independent consulting... You made networking and sales accessible. I am well beyond shyness, but have not yet learned to translate connecting with people to secure business.
-- Kim Campot

Meeting with you was a real turning point and I am very grateful! I am focusing on new directions and focusing new energies on new strategies. I am utilizing many of the strategies that you presented. I am taking a much more partnership approach to my clients and enjoying my job more every day! Overall many new things are happening and I believe it is due to your wonderful ideas and support.
-- Frances Burke


Alice Heiman

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