"Hugh Stewart has done things for me, my business, my life that no one else has done. He makes things simple, and he focuses on results and the results have been incredible. My business is running better, smoother, I've got clearer goals and the most important thing which he focuses on for me and for anybody, is that he gets results. And I want to thank Hugh Stewart. I highly, highly, highly recommend him."
-- Robert Shemin - Best Selling Author of Best Selling Author of How Come that Idiot's Rich and I'm Not? and owner of 7 additional businesses

"…most incredible thing I’ve ever done in my life…he has taught me so much about business, relationship has given me a whole new perspective on life. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take success to the next level."
-- BritnieT- Realtor"

"What I gained with working with Hugh was a process, a process on how to approach all my future business ideas… Hugh helped me channel my ideas through a common vision."
-- Ross Hamilton of connectedinvestors.com

"When you work with Hugh he takes the fear and the tentativeness of the unknown out of the equation and replaces it with enthusiasm and more of a sure it is easy approach."
-- Steve Wilde - Attorney

Prior to meeting Hugh, our books were unorganized. We had multiple clients on different systems. We were exporting data from Excel and had issues tracking anything correctly. Hugh came in with his presentation and an overview of what was possible. We hired his team to fix our books by setting up our QuickBooks, automate functions, and streamline our reports. I can’t thank Hugh, and especially Rhonda from his team, enough. She has been extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and consistent. Life has been better now that we have accurate data within 72 hours and management can now make better decisions.
-- Vicky - Paramount Digital PUblishing

We had been struggling with accounting for a complicated combination of business entities, and Hugh made us aware immediately the risk we pose to ourselves, not only in potential IRS audits but also to potential investors. What he kept saying was doubt means discount, or something like that. If the IRS or investors have doubts about your financial information, the outcome is not likely to be pleasant. We were hooked on the prospect of having an accounting system that would be appealing and transparent to all parties, especially for Robert Allen who has many custom desires for viewing his financial information. So, after an impressive presentation by Hugh about new ways to think and about the targeted accounting results, Hugh and his operations manager, Rhonda, set out to overhaul our accounting processes. They adapted very well to our unique requests; although we encountered a number of challenges, it was delightful to find solutions together and to see the results unfold. I never thought I could have so much fun with reconciliation and with QuickBooks for that matter. Rhonda was very pleasant to work with and gave me many great ideas especially in creating journal entries. We’ve also been using a classing structure for our multiple categories of business pursuits. After all, Robert Allen is famous for multiple streams of income and we needed a manageable way to account for all of that. Hugh and Rhonda have reduced a seeming monster to scale. I highly recommend their services to all who are interested. You might have to get past some resistance to change, but that’s the nature of competitive business these days. This accounting training will build a greater foundation for your business success. Again, I thank you, Hugh and Rhonda.
-- Justine Painter, Chief Financial Officer for best-selling author, Robert G. Allen


Hugh O. Stewart

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