Tammi helped each member of our team get clear on their own strengths, how those strengths integrated with each other, what they could do in their free time to develop their entrepreneurial thinking around their strengths to make them even better and best of all, helped me as the owner know how to support each of the team in the way that was best for them. Totally worth the time and effort to see instinctive lives in action.
-- Kim Butler

Tammi Brannan’s assistance with the Wisdom Link cannot be overstated. Our organization operates with better alignment of values, better integration of purpose and is a more fulfilling environment for me personally now. With all of that, it’s also more profitable because of it. Every step of the process Tammi was there to guide and support us and she brought such a passion and conviction to helping us through. We are adamant supporters of Tammi and Instinctive Life!
-- Jon LoDuca"

Tammi Brannan's Instinctive Life philosophy has helped our company to better focus our energies on growth and success.
-- William Wilmot


Tammi Brannan

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