If you are looking for a sales expert that can help you actually increase your sales, Randall Munson is the person you want.
-- Sam Webster, Senior Director, Sales Americas, DataMirror, Canada

I personally recommend him to other CEOs. An international sales expert that will motivate and significantly increase your sales.
-- Zvi Alon, Charman, President and CEO, NetManage, Inc."

We are now getting sales we used to miss. Anyone who doesn't use Randall Munson's sales program does so at his own risk.
-- Bryant Andrews, President, Integrated Custom Software

If you want to increase your sales, we recommend hiring Randall Munson.
-- Richard Schoen, President, RJS Software Systems

We had an extremely high rate of sales for our technology. Randall Munson exceeded everyone's high expectations.
-- Alan Jay Zwiren, Vice President, Marketing, Magic Software Enterprises Inc.

Simply Brilliant!
-- Alfred Vassallo, Jos Vincenti & Co., Malta

Books By Randall Munson:

The Sales Coach II: Selling Tips From the Pros, For the Pros

Create The Business Breakthrough You Want: Secrets and Strategies from the Worlds's Greatest Business Mentors

Humor 101: Insights, Quotes, and Reflections to Inspire You to Laugh and Triumph

Creativity 102: Insights, Quotes, and Reflections to Inspire You to Rediscover Your Creativity


Randall Munson

Areas of Expertise:

Sales Management

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