“Tony Cole helped me transform from a standard "bag carrying robot" into a unique, highly skilled asset for my company and my clients.”
-- Rick Maher, USI New York

“Tony Cole and his team have contributed greatly to the tremendous internal growth that Alliant has achieved."
-- Jerry Hall, Chief Operating Officer, Alliant Insurance Services"

“In a nutshell, the Tony Cole Sales program has transformed our individual sales staff to an effective Sales Team; utilizing effective sales tools.”
-- R.E.

“Tony Cole training added the piece that was missing. We learned how to turn a good sales call into an extraordinary sales call that included a commitment to do business with us.”
-- Wes Lawrence, Northwest Region President, KeyBank

“I would give Tony a Five Star rating for the work he did in Cincinnati. He was instrumental in instilling a sales culture which exists to this very day. He is a difference maker.”
-- Tom Schaefer, President, Acordia/Wells Fargo Insurance Services

“I can't think of any sales organization that can afford not to invest in the kind of sales development that Tony and ACTG provides."
-- Rick Wirthlin, District President, KeyBank


Tony Cole

Areas of Expertise:

Sales Management

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