-- Roberta Biese , Owner, RWS Consulting Corporation

“It is my pleasure to recommend Colette Releford of Strive Business Solutions. We have been engaged as business partners over the past few months and I am thoroughly impressed by her integrity, sound business intelligence, and leadership vision. Colette brings so much fundamental value to the small business community that it is no surprise she is constantly in high demand. I look forward to building a long and prosperous relationship together. Any client fortunate enough to get her attention would benefit greatly by employing her services immediately.”
-- Jerome Leonard , President / CEO , Taylor-Leonard Corporation"

-- Zenobia Garrison , CEO/Business Development Coach , Success Transitions, LLC

The results of Colette’s enterprise and energy are easy to measure. Throughout my years working with Colette she consistently led her regions in production and growth. Her creative approach to business enabled her to excel in challenging circumstances and drive growth in competitive markets. Colette is a testament to the fact that enthusiasm and passion for your work can take you a long way.”
-- Chad Scott , Regional Executive , First Advantage Saferent

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Colette Releford on a daily basis for five incredibly productive (and fun!) years. A true roll up your sleeves motivator, Colette was always two steps ahead of me when it came to executing our operational plans. Colette also has that rare ability to grasp the overall strategic direction of an organization while not losing sight of what needs to be done "locally". She is the whole package! I truly miss working with her"
-- Scott Hawley , Regional Sales Executive , First Advantage SafeRent

"Colette was a pleasure to work with. She is a bright, high performer who delivers excellent service to her customers and colleagues. Colette is good at developing sales and marketing strategies and implementing tactics. She would be a true asset to any organization.”
-- Mary Iannotti , Marketing Manager , First Advantage SafeRent


Colette Releford

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Small Business

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