Her company fills a definite need for providing specialized training in corporate and dining etiquette, international business protocol, as well as presentation skills. I would recommend Kristina's services without hesitation.
-- C. Schauch, Director Communications

It’s not often that people blow me away with a 60 second introduction, but Kristina did at the Soho event in Vancouver. She has come to my mind a number of times because of the high impact way she introduced yourself. It was informative; she shared how I can benefit from knowing how to use her methods in business. As a small business owner, it is important for me to get my business message across so I get the attention of a potential client. I can see using her system can shorten the time I need to gain my prospective clients attention. Sign me up!
-- W. March, Sales and Phone Skills Coach"

I met Kristina Schwende while social networking. As I get to know her, my respect for her continues to grow and deepen. Her integrity, level of competence and unique service inspires me. Helping professionals to do business in North America – through excellent communication, presentation skills and etiquette is both unique and necessary. Mentoring her international clients in the subtle aspects of North American culture so that they can fulfill their goals and achieve mutual benefit with North American companies is essential in today’s global economy. I recommend Sabre Skills to anyone who wishes to excel in their presentation and the contribution they make through their business.
-- Oshana Himot, MBA, CHT, Consulting

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Executive Etiquette Power


Kristina Schwende

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