-- Whitney Wolff, Sales Representative, Chico, CA

“My life had been turned upside down, I lost my job and shortly thereafter my husband lost his job. After months of looking for jobs and not even an interview I felt as if I was falling apart. Then, I met Suzanne and I learned through her gentle coaching process I have skills and talents to draw upon that I'm not using. Suzanne's process provides a stable, safe place and focused direction that I was unable to do for myself. With Suzanne's help I now see possibilities where I thought none existed."
-- Jeanie Sanchez, Real Estate Broker, Chico, CA"

-- Ann Ranson, Speaker, Plano, TX

I love working with Suzanne! In a year, I've doubled my income while working fewer hours and better balancing my professional and family lives. Amazing!"
-- Cara Gubbins, PhD, Speaker, Author and Professor, Chico, CA

One reason her coaching is so powerful and positive, is that Suzanne has empowered me to stay anchored, inwardly centered, while also effectively moving forward, in a productive flow to achieve my goals."
-- Christine Rowe, EdD, Consultant, Chico, CA

I wouldn't have gotten the job of my dreams without Suzanne's help."
-- Gina Popejoy, Worker's Compensation Specialist, Oroville, CA

Books By Suzanne Strisower:

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

The Runes of the Four Realms


Suzanne Strisower

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