“Gary's vast practical experience and industry knowledge of software development is a real asset to his teaching of Lean Six Sigma process improvement. His adaptation of the six sigma materials to a small companies setting, allowed us to economically bring six sigma to our company and we are starting to see the results.” April 2, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value hired Gary as a Business Consultant in 2007
-- Chad Haggerty

“Since we hired Gary as our turnaround expert we have made huge strides in bringing our project back from the brink of collapse! His guidance, experience and honesty set the stage for a successful project re-launch. He has taught the project team so much, was able to get the right people in the right roles and remove layers that were over-complicating the project. He's been easy to work with and extremely supportive. It's not an easy task to get the Business and IT teams to work cohesively, but Gary has done just that! He has become an invaluable resource and I highly recommend him.” March 18, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative hired Gary as a IT Consultant in 2007
-- Teddi Schwilling"

“Gary Gack has a great knack for making process improvement simpler and more practical after distilling the most important parts of the leading process improvement frameworks. This knack helps his clients gain better business results without getting lost in the jungle of competing and overlapping standards like PMBOK, ISO 9000, CMMI, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma and others. Gary has the cutting edge skills and experience to pragmatically apply process improvement methods in a well tailored manner to Information Technology. I believe any of his client will benefit greatly by engaging with Gary.” March 14, 2008 Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative hired Gary as a Business Consultant in 2007, and hired Gary more than once
-- Alan Mcleod

“Gary is the most knowledgeable and skilled professional I ever met or worked with in the SDLC space. His expertise, methods and personal style helped move our team from merely hard workers to productive professionals. The results speak for themselves. In less than two years production defects were cut in half, rework was reduced by 60% and schedule and effort productivity improved by almost 15%.” June 10, 2008Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Experthired Gary as a IT Consultant in 1994, and hired Gary more than once
-- John Davis

Books By Gary Gack:

Managing the Black Hole: The Executive's Guide to Software Project Risk

Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success (Chapter 21)


Gary Gack

Areas of Expertise:

Crisis Management

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