-- Director, Pfizer, Inc.

"The advice and tips that you provided were key to a successful presentation. (I was even told that I didn’t use “you know” or “uhm.”)"
-- Senior Director, Verizon"

-- Senior Manager, Genentech

"I was very impressed by your professionalism. While many of us have struggled with these issues for most of our professional careers, your workshop has brought me a new perspective on how I can handle difficult communication situations. I am eager to begin to practice and hopefully master, the assertive communication tools and techniques that you given us."
-- Project Director, Chrysler

"I really enjoyed the class. I learned a tremendous amount. The things learned from this course are not things that you can learn in college."
-- Sales Representative, Merck

"Thank you for your presentation to our branch leadership group. The material was on point, well received and fun."
-- Executive Vice President, National City

Books By Barbara Pachter:

New Rules @ Work

The Jerk With the Cell Phone

The Power of Positive Confrontation

When The Little Things Count


Barbara Pachter

Areas of Expertise:

Business Coaching
Customer Service

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