“The sales skills we put into place worked so well that I got more money for the project than I thought possible. My new client actually said “I don’t care what you charge. I want you.”
-- Gina Almgren, 'Your Day,' Productions

"Marilyn helps me with everything from mindset to marketing to business strategy. My revenues have been directly impacted by her coaching and ideas. In fact, after working with Marilyn in just 3 short months, I set a new record for monthly revenue, proving an ROI well above and beyond my initial investment."
-- Silvia Quintanilla, Principal, Industry Gems Research"

"Marilyn, they (prospect) have been speaking about getting me back in to assist in some capacity for more than 2 yrs. With your help, it took merely one week for them to agree arrange a first time face to face meeting in which they will invite me to come back. Thank you! I highly regard and respect your services. I am learning a lot about marketing and selling. I am also enjoying the results and changes that are happening for me as a professional and person."
-- Raymond E. Urgo, Principal, Urgo & Associates

"Marilyn, you have a gift for getting people to think differently about money. That new outlook really opened up doors for me. In fact, I added an anchor client that more than doubled what I make on a monthly basis. I have accomplished more in the next three months than I have in the past year. Thanks to you I have a better understanding that money is a symbol of appreciation that others give me and I pass along."
-- Henry DeVries, New Client Marketing Institute

"I met with Marilyn August for approximately 60 minutes, the very next day I originated a loan that came to me out of the clear blue, that loan factor's out to $2,500.00 per hour spent with Marilyn. What A Wow Factor!"
-- Mike Duffrey, Rockwell Financial Group

I've already put some of the tips you suggested during the "Name Your Price" webinar into use. I put the money talk into the first phone discussion I had with a potential client and was able to reduce unnecessary work on my part by providing him with a proposal that best meets his current funding allocation. Thank you!
-- Elaine Marshall, Principle, Empower Public Relations

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Wealthy U...Seven Sacred Wealth and Wisdom Lessons


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