"This is our ninth year of strategic planning. We started at $10 million and we’re at $50 million now. We only have two of the same players left, which means that we continue to upgrade our staff. Without you I don’t know that this would have been possible. You’ve always pointed us in the right direction.”
-- Paul Barnett, CEO Principal Manufacturing Corporation

"You are one of the best in the marketing industry. It has been a personal pleasure dealing with you."
-- Larry Ellison, Chairman, Oracle Corporation"

"Myrna Associates provided a fantastic strategic planning session for our executive team. The session … provided identification of initiatives down to the first 90-day action steps to insure success. No touchy feely stuff but a real process with real results."
-- Jeff Badgley, Co-CEO Miller Industries Inc.

“The process provides so much more than just a good plan for the coming year. It enables me to evaluate the team from a number of different perspectives: ability to think strategically, ability to work with each other, ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, etc. Companion is “A” rated because, in part, of this planning process. Thank you!”
-- Charles M. Potok, President Companion Property & Casualty

"John knows how to grab an audience by its lapels and keep them paying attention. No one sleeps when John speaking! Everyone pays attention, learns and has fun."
-- Ken Lizotte, BEW Speaker and author of "The Expert's Edge: Become the Go-To Authority People Turn to Every Time"

"This process, simply put, is incredible! It is streamlined, it is concise and I have no doubt, it works.”
-- Joe Elphick, President, 3CP

Books By John W. Myrna:

Where the Hell are We

An End to Meeting Madness

100 Quick Tips for Business Success

Wining the Rat / Workplace Race


John W. Myrna

Areas of Expertise:

Business Coaching
Crisis Management
Small Business

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