Sales Progress LLC implemented the Sales Progress Management System, and within 6 months, dealer participation increased 25 %, employee development exponentially improved, and it positioned the department for the next program. The next program's goals were met 4 weeks before the deadline. After completing the initial phase, specific staff member's sales increased by over 30 % from previous programs implemented at Evinrude Johnson. Our last program our sales increased 74 % from the prior year as a result of working with Sales Progress
-- -Tom Walley, Bombardier Recreational Products- Sales & Marketing Manager

Maintaining sales growth was our first concern; we had no idea what price we were paying for that growth. We recruited and 'trained' salespeople who were motivated to sell, but often at the customer's expense. We looked to the sales numbers to tell us if there was a problem, not our customers. Sales Progress changed all of that. Within months, our customers were calling to congratulate us on our great customer support. We were winning back lost clients, and yes, sales increased dramatically. We reduced training time by 83%, and our customer satisfaction surveys went from 27% to 96% within 6 months. The effects were dramatic. Sales Progress is a process driven approach that teaches predictable and repeatable steps to show you the most effective way to address adult learning needs, sell your information better, and establish credibility with your customers. It is a process that you can see, measure, and use no matter what product, service or industry you sell.
-- Ty Sarajian, CEO, Local Manufacturer"

As a small light-industrial construction equipment manufacturer, our prime concern was lack of sales growth over the past 10 years. The two dominant players in the marketplace offered better pricing and sales terms. Our outside sales force had become somewhat of a mystery, as we didn't have a good idea of what, when, and how often they were doing what we needed them to do. At the home office, we were providing little in the way of sales and marketing support. Tim was brought in to help us grow. From my interviews with Tim, I knew he would provide the creativity, energy, and personality to make a difference. He came in with an open mind. Initially, he put together a survey to our dealers. From that point forward, we began a process of exploring and evaluating different approaches. In a period of months, we hit on a sales and marketing program that was right for us and innovative for our industry. We experienced sales growth of 15.5% that first year during a period of sluggish industry growth.
-- -Jeffrey P Bretzmann, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Construction Company


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