I really enjoyed webinar today “Design for Non-Designers: How to Design Dynamic Presentations for Webinars”. Really agree with your approach and I think this something we need to see more of. Thanks again!
-- Jon U., SAP France

One thing I know for sure. These are real veterans with the ability to teach what they know about successful and effective web seminars.
-- Skip C., Microsoft"

Roger Courville is THE web seminar guru. Not only is he an outstanding practitioner, but he is an invaluable source of knowledge, tips, and best practice.
-- Mireia F., Oblicore

I found your webcast very helpful! I made copious notes and shared the key points with my virtual team in our weekly call.
-- Jill C., Shell New Zealand Limited

Roger, it was a pleasure to listen and watch you work today. Our marketing team was inspired to create better presentations not only for the web, but for live presentations as well.
-- Fabian L., Symetra Financial

I need to go back and revise my PowerPoint slides and I need to start now!
-- Yvette K., NCCI

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