“Excellent. Very informative and practical applications I can use with my employees.”
-- Jennifer H.: TCA Inc.

“This presentation gave me new insights into how I can work with some of my introverted coaching clients.”
-- John Crosby: Life Coach at Architecture for the Soul, LLC"

“This presentation was excellent and very professional. It gave me more of an insight into myself where I am able to use more of my weaknesses as my strengths. In turn, I am able to move myself forward in life.”
-- Marisa D. from Lakemoore Inc.

“This presentation was very informative and gave me insight into how to dealing with the few difficult employees I encounter on a daily basis at work. Shortly after this program I went back to work and used some of these techniques. I was amazed that I controlled the situation, and the other person did not know what to say. Thank you. I can now get my life back at work.”
-- Linda Forbes, Manager at United Pacific

“The information I learned gave me practical strategies I used immediately and found that I reduced some of my stressful feelings after I left work that same day.”
-- Penny Banks, Manager at Plus Inc.

"I would like to thank you for the insight and expertise you shared which has helped me in my business."
-- Christina Vicencio, President/CEO, The Master's Plan


Neal Burgis, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise:

Business Coaching

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