Wow, Wendie! Thanks for teaching me a workout I can take anywhere. I have a very busy schedule and I had stopped exercising totally. I felt tired and had put on the 20 pounds I had lost three years ago. I was not putting myself first. You helped me get my priorities straight and helped me break through the emotional barriers as well. Your program included the emotional and spiritual along with the physical training. That is what I needed to get myself on track. I have lost 10 pounds and 11 inches so far and know I will continue on to reach my goal. You are a excellent coach! Thank You!!
-- Julie Rosenberg, Isanti, Minnesota

"I've purchased plenty of exercise videos and programs and this is the best. It is simple and can be done anywhere in short periods of time. I love Wendie's fitness class because you feel the intensity of the workout quickly and do not have to purchase any equipment. I almost did not purchase as I have spent so much money on exercise videos and books to stay motivated, but I am very thankful I purchased this book. I injured my hip over 5 years ago and her program has been successful in helping me isolate and work that muscle. And I've tried almost everything to heal that muscle including pilates, physical therapy, electronic muscle stimulation, but these exercises have been the most beneficial."
-- Jean Twain, Hampton, VA"

"I started working out with Wendie Pett in November 2006. Wendie has taught me how to utilize my body as my own gym by focusing on isolating certain muscle groups with seven different exercises twice daily. The exercises do not take up a lot of time in my day and I can work out in my own home. Her Visibly Fit™ program saves me a lot of time and I also do not have to spend money on gym memberships or exercise equipment. The exercise program along with eating healthy has made my body a lot stronger, thinner, and my muscle groups are more defined. And to think that I didn't spend hours working out to achieve these goals! I have currently (in less than 12 months) lost 100 pounds and 46 inches. I feel like a new person that has found energy I never knew I had."
-- Pam Roland, Minnesota

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