“Ann Ranson just turned lemons into lemonade! I have to say Santa does exist. I just did not know Santa was a woman, a Texan and answers to the name of Ann.”
-- Sheila Kirby, President, Strategic Sales Development, Interep

"Great job this morning. I was really impressed not only with your flawless delivery, but also the way you've been able to weave in references to National City's commitment, culture and our WBA program. I feel like we've made some great headway."
-- Beth Marcello, VP & Managing Supervisor, Women's Business Development Program, National City"

"Ann helps her clients achieve success through a powerful combination of keen insight, caring, challenging, and encouraging. Ann is a clear and engaging trainer and an excellent facilitator of virtual teleconferences, where she leads both small and large groups. I highly recommend Ann as someone who gets straight to the heart of the issue, and efficiently helps her clients accomplish important shifts in thinking and behavior."
-- Rachel Evans, President, EntreLead Inc.

Books By Ann Ranson:

"Intentions at Work: 83 Spiritual Tools to Succeed in Business"


Ann Ranson

Areas of Expertise:

Business Coaching
Small Business

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