Cindy Cohen has taught me more about health than my doctor, and is a great advocate for healthy nutrition. She is an interesting speaker, talented writer, and a fabulous connector of people. She also has a very good sense for business, utilizing her many years of experience in the business world. She delivers helpful information to all she comes into contact with. My life is enriched by knowing Cindy.
-- Coach Charrise McCrorey - Full Out and Fearless

Cindy has been a long-term networking Center of Influence for myself and others she comes in contact with. Cindy always has, in her back pocket, numerous ways to add value to a relationship by thinking about others she has met that fit a particular need you may have. When you say, “I am looking for someone who does…..”, Cindy’s first thought is who does she know that can take care of that need. Because she is known as the “Networking Queen”, networking events and organizations she is a part of are successful.
-- Richard Nash - President, Enrichment Strategies"



Cindy Cohen RN BS BA

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