We were growing fast and had made an out-of-state acquisition. We were doing more volume, but hadn't increased profitability. We weren't sure where to look for answers. Sam came in and gave us a fresh perspective. It was an enlightening experience. We discovered we were trying to cut costs in the wrong areas. After implementing her recommendations, we began to see improved profitability almost immediately. She is the most impactful consultant we have ever retained.
-- Paul, owner, investigation and security company

RAI Stone Analytics is a very cool process. It is like a magnifying glass: it amplifies the true essence of how I have to operate to make money. The information comes back as if it were in the future tense finances, sales, cash flow and other business information interact now and how it will in the future. RAI Stone Analytics identifies what drives the business and how to move ahead. It has taken much of the guesswork out of decisions about the future, which provides confidence to move forward.
-- Mike, owner, clock repair and distribution company"

RAI Stone Analytics provided financial statements based on the breakeven point of growth, expansion and hiring decisions. It showed us the affects on cash of implementing changes, and thatís what we needed to know to make the kinds of decisions we faced. As the company controller, it also helped me communicate growth, expansion and hiring topics to other decision makers.
-- Vickie, controller, electronics design and installation compan

RAI Stone Analytics translated the financial information I gathered over the years into a roadmap of future decisions that would lead to growth and continued profitability. RAI Stone Analytics unlocks information in your books to highlight and define which decisions to make now and which to make later. RAI Stone Analytics have been valuable to me, and would be useful to any small business.
-- Tom, owner, industrial and commercial wholesale lighting

From a controllerís point of view, RAI Stone Analytics helped me look at our operation from a cash basis, which stimulated conversation about how to improve cash flow. We then implemented some new procedures that were immediately successful.
-- John, controller, investigation and security company

Being in business is like being an athlete. Your accounting books keep score. RAI Stone Analytics analyzed the books so I could focus on running my business. RAI Stone Analytics can provide the replay analysis of what just occurred, offer suggestions for changes or confirm the decision. RAI Stone Analytics can support a decision to hire, expand, etc., even when it may seem crazy to take the risk.
-- Judy, owner, architecture firm


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