I was searching for a Life Coach and something just lead me right to Judy, as if it were meant to be. I was nervous at first, this being my first time working with a life coach, but after she spoke the nerves disappeared! I honestly was searching for a coach that believed in the Lord--she does but never preaches. She enabled me to rediscover my talents and strenghts. She increased my energy level immensely and boosted my self-confidence. Judy asked truly thought provoking questions thus stimulating me to think and respond on my own, bringing on the, "AH HAA!" concept. I am now ready to achieve and take on the corporate world! I fully recommend Judy as a terrific Life Coach! Thank you Judy
-- Anne B. Anchorage, Alaska

I had an EFT session over the phone with Judith and I was impressed by her approachability, friendliness and professionalism. At the time I was very confused about the issues that were blocking me in my business, and with her help we managed to pinpoint the main ones. We tackled each problem with EFT with amazing results. We even managed to relieve a recurring shoulder and neck pain as if by "magic". After the session I felt more motivated and focused than I have felt for a long time. It was as if a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I can never thank you enough Judith.
-- Belen S.-UK"



Judith Wentzel

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