We most certainly did enjoy your presentation - you impressed all. The feedback from everyone last night was great to hear. Your content and delivery hit home run after home run! Thanks once again. You are indeed the 'guru'...as I have quoted in our Sales Training Manual!
-- Kerryn Ruthven, IBISWorld, Inc.

Alan - I wanted to give you a quick update concerning our progress since you trained our sales team a month ago. The salespeople have been achieving their targets of 50+ outbound calls per day. What they are saying during the calls is more effective. The new Sales Training Manual is an excellent resource and I have been quizzing the salespeople on different sections each week. Most important, our sales were 48% higher this month than they were the previous month!
-- Kim Brown, Grand Incentives, Inc."

The presentation given by Alan was awesome. Having worked in sales for almost 5 years before coming to IBISWorld, I’ve seen a lot of professional sales presentations and Alan blew them all out of the water. His presentation was very insightful, did not beat around the bush and it was all very relevant.
-- Michael Domanic, IBISWorld, Inc.

I have to say, you are truly terrific in this expertise of Sales. You really know your stuff and you have a very compelling, persuasive presentation of your information. Plus, you have a great voice. Terrific for podcasts, webinars, etc. Thank you for doing what you do and offering it to all of us out here!
-- Richard Carlstrom, Carlstrom Productions

Alan - Here are just a few comments we received about your presentation: "Very Knowledgeable presenter; Great Input on sales recruiting & interviewing; Great takeaways, great ideas; Thought provoking." Thank you for doing a wonderful job and being part of this special event!
-- Liz Richards, Executive Vice President, Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

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How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance

How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling

The 80/20 Selling Systemô Home Study Course


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