"Another triumph. How you can reduce this group of long-experienced, overeducated, well-connected, ultra-sophisticated and in some cases cynical speechwriters to a bunch of awestruck, gasping school boys and girls—I will never know, even though I've watched it happen twice! Thanks for yet another great show."
-- David Murray, Publisher, Speechwriters Newsletter

"My partner Robin Koval and I have spent our entire careers in advertising. Our agency is responsible for some of the most memorable advertising in America. We are known for putting Aflac on the map and making them as well known as Coca Cola. I am flattered that over the years of authoring and composing campaign jingles my work has become part of American pop-culture landscape. Some examples are: 'I Don't Want to Grow Up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid', 'Kodak Moments', and 'The Heart of Communication' for Bell Atlantic. Our blue-chip clients include Procter & Gambles' Clairol Herbal Essences, Dawn and Swiffer, Continental Airlines, Marshall, Pfizer, Office Depot, US Bank and the American Red Cross. In high level advertising brilliant minds sit around brainstorming and shouting at each other with excitement. Years of these experiences and high level client meetings prepared us for three days of advanced speech coaching with Patricia Fripp. She was highly recommended and we had high expectations. However... nothing quite prepared us for her preparation, knowledge, and focused attention on increasing the effectiveness of our speech scripts and delivery. Patricia Fripp has taught us far more than the golden rules of high level public speaking. She has helped me to clarify my ideas, prioritize my thoughts, and express myself in the most persuasive and dynamic ways possible. These are not just communication lessons...these are life lessons. What the creative minds of The Kaplan Thaler Group do for a 30 second commercial Fripp does for a 60 minute convention speech. If you want only the best executive speech coach...call Fripp." —Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO, The Kaplan Thaler Group and Best-selling Co-author of "The Power of Nice"
-- Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO, The Kaplan Thaler Group"

"Patricia Fripp is far and away the finest executive speech coach I have ever worked with in over 20 years in business — and I have interacted with more than a dozen different coaches. My speech is always immeasurably better within five minutes after she and I start working. The executives I have referred to her all feel the same way. She makes you and your team more effective right from the start." —John Johnson, CEO, ImClone Systems Incorporated, and Formally Johnson and Johnson, Company Group Chairman, Biopharmaceuticals Worldwide
-- John Johnson, CEO, ImClone Systems Incorporated

"As you know the Saratoga Alain Pinel Realtors are highly successful. Many make a million dollars a year. This means although they enjoy good speakers and trainers they are often very difficult to impress. Based on your reputation I expected your message would be the perfect way to start the year. However, you really exceeded my expectations! Your message was uplifting and entertaining, yet very practical. As you gave specific words and phrases that the agents can use in their sales presentations it was obviously you were not giving Speech 101. Many of the agents said you were the best speaker they had ever listened to. The best compliment I can pay you is the recommendation that you be part of this years training for all our offices. This has resulted in three more programs in this quarter!"
-- Carol Burnett, Vice President, Alain Pinel Realtors

"At the recent Business Objects annual sales meeting, Patricia worked closely with our CEO, Bernard Liataud, on both the content creation and the content delivery of his keynote address. She also coached several other members of his senior staff on their respective presentations. We made the decision to engage Patricia for two major reasons: we wanted to improve the quality and impact of our most important presentations, and we wanted to invest in our senior people as part of their professional development. We believed that this investment would continue to provide benefits that would far outlast any motivational impact that an outside speaker could create. The results were very positive. Our feedback mechanisms (surveys taken on-site and online surveys conducted a week later) indicated a definite improvement in both the quality of the presentations and the impact of those presentations. Our CEO was particularly pleased with the results he achieved through his commitment to the coaching process and his diligence in taking those lessons to heart. Those presenters who make themselves available to Patricia for one-on-one coaching scored significantly higher than those who did not. I would recommend Patricia and her services to anyone who is considering working with a speech coach because I believe she brings great experience, a dynamic personality, and a tireless work effort to each and every project she undertakes."—Pat Wynne, Vice President, Human Resources, Business Objects
-- Pat Wynne, Vice President, Human Resources, Business Objects

"Imagine a sales force filled to the brim with confidence, passion and powerful words ready to set their sales records on fire. That's a reality for Innisbrook after your 2-day seminar at our National Sales Meeting with Patricia Fripp.Beginning with the conference calls in anticipation of the meeting, you created an eagerness among our sales force and management team. Our reps gleamed invaluable advice from the first interaction of a 45-minute one-on-one session with you. We've received many voice mails and emails from our reps expressing their gratitude at the investment Innisbrook made in them. They often refer to your sessions as exciting, entertaining, and information-packed. Your ability to provide enhanced words without criticizing put our reps at ease, and allowed them the opportunity to stand up in a group of their peers without fear. Perhaps the greatest compliment to you is the overwhelming sentiment that they were dreading two days worth of a speaker, but your animated presentation made the days fly by and they enjoyed every moment of it!" —Sharon McHugh, VP of Sales, Innisbrook Wraps
-- Sharon McHugh, VP of Sales, Innisbrook Wraps

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