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“As a partner in a mid-sized law firm, I’ve always been much happier doing the legal work for clients than in figuring out what to do to get that work. Betsy Buckley has helped me make the entire business-getting process easier and more productive. Her guidance is practical, her tools easy, and she taught me to work from my strengths. When I do what she says, the business of getting business is much less stressful."
-- Steve Gaskins, Partner, Flynn Gaskins Bennett

“Betsy is pure marketing genius. She understands how to take an idea and turn it into a story that generates interest and creates excitement. She is creative while simultaneously understanding the necessary steps that have to occur to achieve business objectives. Betsy is a mentor, a teacher, and an authentically genuine good person. Do what you can to get Betsy on your team because if you do, you and your company will reach new heights.”
-- Sam Richter, CEO, SBR Worldwide"

“Betsy is a consummate professional. She drives real value in the advice she gives, and delivers corrections and critiques with a profound sense of timing and empathy. Her insights and business acumen are well honed, and she has a keen eye for spotting the steps your business needs to take for future growth. I recommend Betsy with a profound sense of gratitude for what she has done for my company, and with a grateful heart for what she has done for my business relationships. Betsy is The Rainmaker.”
-- Don Raleigh, President, Evolve Systems

“I’ve known and worked with Betsy Buckley over the past twelve years in a variety of ways. One thing I know about her: She’s a big picture thinker, who transforms big ideas into practical actions. She knows how to stretch money in highly creative ways, producing more results for less money. She’ll never waste your time and always give greater value than you’d expect. She’s a no-nonsense coach, an incredible teacher, a great accountability partner and someone I’d always recommend. If you want growth, call her.”
-- David Sternberg, CEO, Brookfield Properties

“With a great deal of substance, plenty of encouragement, and lots of extremely practical advice, Betsy Buckley’s coaching on business development has transformed both my energy and enthusiasm for making new contacts and winning new business. She is truly “full service”--- I know I can always count on her to help me move things forward. “
-- Pat Brault, Principal, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

“Speaking before large groups has never been easy for me. Working with Betsy Buckley helped me refocus my energies, draw on my strengths and actually have a much better sense of connection with my audience. It always amazes me to realize how much stronger we can all become when working with someone who is a true expert.”
-- Terri Naugtin, Managing Partner, Nosal Partners

“Betsy Buckley is one of those truly unique individuals who can see the strategy and the details all at the same time. She brings an incredible creativity to any strategic and marketing process that truly separates her from everyone else! She is a delight to work with and asks the questions that only Betsy knows how to do.
-- Jacqueline Byrd, CEO, Creatrix

“Betsy's mastery of the sales process (from A to Z), as well as her business expertise and diverse career background make her a unique and strong consultant - in any market. I can highly recommend Betsy for her business competency as well as her blend of street smarts, creativity and intuitive skills. She leaves you changed.”
-- Sayre Darling, Founder, Courageous Communications

“Betsy is one of those truly unique and remarkable individuals who activates results in others. Through her expertise, experience, energy and caring, she takes the complex, simplifies it and helps others position themselves to achieve success in what matters most for them.”
-- Redia Anderson, Managing Partner, Anderson People Strategies, LLC

“If you want insightful information, out-of-the-box thinking, and an extremely creative "Rainmaker", then look no further. Betsy is the best at what she does. Our organization has benefited greatly from her insights. As social entrepreneurs, we have to constantly be creative in our present economic environment. We owe much of our success to Betsy's ideas. I highly recommend her services for any individual, company or organization.
-- Bill Roddy, Director of Technology, Osiris Organization


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