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"We were so impressed with Shelley’s sales presentations, that I have recommended her for consulting and speaking engagements to all my business associates and professional organizations."
-- Dave Sharar-Managing Director, Chestnut Global Partners"

"I really enjoyed Shelley’s presentations on "Cold Calling" and "How to Get the Word Out" . She’s clear, articulate, and knowledgeable."
-- Participant feedback from the National Behavioral Coalition Meeting in Miami

"You are very inspirational and your Cold Calling Techniques training program completely removed the fear and dread of making sales calls."
-- Barbra Ashbaugh-President, Trade Secrets

"Thank you for the wonderful coaching session. I am anxious to put it into action because I know it will show immediate results!"
-- Jennifer Lechtman-Marketing Director

"Add me to the long list of sales training converts! Going into the program I had heard how well you teach and you certainly lived up to the billing."
-- Peter Kay-Founder, Innovation 86

"Very articulate and professional presentation. One of the best sessions at the conference (in a tough field like psych management, I'm impressed). Veryvaluable."
-- Participant feedback from Society for Healthcare Planning and Marketing Conference in Chicago

"If you ever have a chance to hear Shelley's presentations, I suggest you sign up, she offers the most insight on sales that I have ever heard"
-- President of Business Development, Construction Zone

"I loved this training! I was shocked to look up at the clock and see the time had just flown by! Shelley did a great job and really shared her ideas and resources!"
-- Participant feedback from Audio Conference


Shelley Plemons

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