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Testimonial Dr. Daze is an astoundingly accurate intuitive coach and healer! In my first conversation with her she advised me that a current client was not being honest with me and hit the nail on the head and verified for me that I needed to get rid of this client who was never going to pay me the money that she owed me. I was so impressed that I asked Daze to tell continue the process with me and she began to coach me on how build by new company that I had recently launched. She said that I would get the current prospective client if I gave it some time, and that my was company would prosper and that I needed to focus on getting two new clients and write a business plan as well to create my vision. Within weeks that client came through as she said and I got another one who is of celebrity status a few weeks later! Daze' was right on the money and I asked her to do any other healing work with me that she suggested. The story continues as she did an amazing hypnotherapy session with me that was different from any other kind of hypnotherapy I have had in the past. She was able to identify deep childhood issues immediately, and heal them right in the session on a sub-conscious level. The next day I felt like I had released issues that I have struggled with for years and felt empowered with a new sense of confidence. Daze' can pinpoint your life issues and zoom in with an action plan for success. She is number one in my book! Linda Bloom, M.A. Psychotherapist
-- Linda Bloom, M.A.,Psychotherapist

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Daze' Lisenkoff

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Dr. Dazé Lisenkoff is the owner of The Feel Good Motivational Place, Inc based in Sequim, Washington. As an A.S.I.S.T. Hypnocoach, a licensed Hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, talk show host and writer, Dazé has been reaching out and helping people all over the world for many years. Some of Dazé's current services include:

A.S.I.S.T. Hypnocoaching
Developed by Dazé, *A.S.I.S.T. Hypnocoaching is a unique program of Corporate, Professional & Personal improvement for clients wanting to Attain, Maintain, & Expand their goals with Speed, Ease, Comfort & Joy!

Dazé Lisenkoff, Ph.D., C.Ht.

*Auto-suggestion, immersion, systems and training




...attain, maintain and expand your goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy... not just a slogan for Dazé. From England and Russia to Palm Beach and Alaska and many points in between, Dazé has been living this process. The owner of several successful businesses, appointed to government commissions and winner of many awards, highlights of her amazing career include:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury
-by Dazé

Where you change your life with speed, ease, comfort and joy.


  • Owner, Russian Far East Connection - Provideniya, Russia, provides Eco, Native lifestyle, Bird watching, Hunting & Fishing tours for individual, groups and cruise lines in Chukotka, Russia.
  • Entrepreneurship Project Director, 1991-1995 NOME COMMUNITY CENTER
  • Design & Implementation & Instructor for of Salmon Berry Shop & Eugene Omiak Sourdough Factory.
  • Awarded, Program was selected by Federal Health & Human Resources, Washington DC as 1 of 5 programs in the United States that exemplified their mission statement.
  • Awarded EXPORTER of the YEAR for ALASKA - 1992 - Eugene Omiak Sourdough Factory
  • U.S.I.A. Project "Teaching Free Market Economy Principles" to Native & Non-Native Youth , Provideniya, Russia.
  • Alaska Private Industry Council - Governor Hickel appointee
  • Alaska Juvenile Justice Commission - Governor Hickel appointee
  • Owner, The Worthmore Group 1983-1991- Motivational Hypnotherapy Practice.
  • Seminars, "Fake It '''Til You Make It"
  • Hosted daily national television & weekly radio shows .
  • Owner & Manager, Yvonne Daze' Designs for the Great Women - Fashions for the Large Size Women. This company owned factories and marketed domestically & internationally with showrooms in New York, Chicago & Dallas.
  • Artist - Water Color - exhibitions, France, England, New York, New Orleans, & Palm Beach. Awarded 1st Place - Water Color. Visuage Competition - Paris, France

Educational Highlights

1985 Doctor of Philosophy, N.W. London University, London England

1986 Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Palm Beach Pain Clinic, Palm Beach, Fla.

1997 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Atwood Institute, Phoenix, AZ

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Atwood Institute, Phoenix, AZ

Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Atwood Institute, Phoenix, AZ


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