I watched Mark LeBlanc deliver the opening keynote to the CAPS Convention in Halifax. It was a stunning speech, mixing humor with insight and a powerful message. Rarely have I seen a professional speaker in such control, or delivering with such passion and purpose to an audience held spellbound. I have seen many speakers on many platforms over the past 30 years, but this was one of the most memorable and proficient performances by a master speaker.
-- lan Stevens, President, Global Speakers Federation, 2010-2011

Your keynote was awesome. I was impressed by the fact that you stood in one spot and still managed to draw the entire crowd in and include the whole audience. I think your message is bang on and was impressed that you took the time to add some “local” content.
-- Darrell Ross"

We spoke to you briefly after your presentation in Toronto earlier this week and we just wanted to thank you for an excellent presentation. We enjoyed your delivery, and as entrepreneurs, we have taken your suggestion of “one a day” to heart!! I even used the concept on a radio interview this morning - of course with a fitness bent! We have studied with Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and are members of Mark Victor Hansen’s Enlightened Wealth Protégé Program - but only this week have I successfully worked on something to do with my business, every single day!
-- Kary and Uche Odiatu

Your keynote on the DNA of business was both inspiring and challengingand moved many of us to think of our businesses with new simplicity andclarity. While I was impressed with your keynote, I think your breakout wasone of the highlights of the conference. You have a real gift in translatingyour years of experience into bite sized nuggets that can be easily learnedand immediately applied. What impressed me the most about you was yourquiet confidence and strong presence that makes your material instantlycredible and easy to digest.
-- Howard Olsen

Mark, you were fabulous and I don’t say those words often. What wasespecially clear to me and others is that you were there for your audience,and your speech and message were not about you. I’ve watched you overthe years, and you are a journeyman in our profession, and a great exampleof what can happen when you stay true to your message and keep going.Congratulations on a job well-done!
-- Bob Pike, CSP, CPAE

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Mark LeBlanc

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