Melissa is a very intelligent and competent trainer. She has the rare ability to teach technical skills to non technical people and at the end of the training have them begging for more. She makes technical topics fun and enjoyable. She understands her topics so deeply and can teach them in a way that even the newest user can understand. She is truly one of the best technical trainers I have ever met and I feel comfortable recommending her to any organization looking for a competent, reliable, and easy to understand technical trainer.
-- Kimberly Deas, President at Promozilla Marketing

I have watched Melissa lead seminars and classes. She makes the experience fun, worthwhile and valuable. At the end of the class, you realize that you have learned something, and didn't know how it happened, you were enjoying it too much!
-- Douglas Lindt, Seminar Leader and MOS Consultant"

“Melissa can take a dull topic and bring it to life. I never dreamed I woud enjoy a computer training class but Melissa is able to have her class in the palm of her hand begging for more. She has a talent of bringing fun and laughter into a topic that would otherwise be dull and boring. Melissa is a truly gifted trainer.
-- Dee Yoh, Regional VP Certified Coaches Federation

Melissa is witty, clever, authentic and delivers powerful training
-- Jennifer Nelson, Business Development Manager at MAMTC

Melissa makes my job easier!!!! As soon as I need a solution to get some excel work done in a concise way, Melissa is the 1st call I make. Not only is she an expert on Excel, she “teaches with a “it’s not as hard as you think attitude” and somehow makes it fun and interesting.
-- Bob Adolfson, Lincoln Mortgage

Thank you for teaching the class on Excel to my staff. As a long time user of 123, the conversion to Excel had not produced the results I was hoping for. You were able to advance the skills of my 12 people and maximize their use of the features of Excel; many of which we were unaware of before the class.
-- Kent Shell, President, Lakeland Development Corp.


Melissa Esquibel

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