"Babette Ten Haken clearly understands how to translate the technical into the practical (and actual) of business development. Her work as a coach and Mentor for the engineers in the Michigan Clean Energy Venture Challenge has resulted in student entrepreneurs transitioning into entrepreneurial business people. Her work as a Mentor in Tech Arb, the University of Michigan Venture Incubator, has also been outstanding, in that she presents real-life situations, dialogues and no-nonsense outcomes in which our young entrepreneurs can participate in the realities of business development in today's global economy. She does this so naturally with our students. Think what she can do for your business."
-- Norman Rapino PhD MBA,Mentor-In-Residence, Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Michigan College of Engineering

“I met Babette Ten Haken in January 2005 and was impressed with her ability to offer a total marketing solution to small businesses like mine. Over the past 5 years Babette has become a vital part of our organization by providing strategic marketing positioning, company and product branding, web analysis and tracking tools. When CDI implemented these services we experienced an increase in new customer requirements which led to an increase in gross sales and net profits. I would recommend Babette to any business owner looking for a hands on dedicated business consultant who provides total marketing strategies with growth potential.”
-- Danya Chandler, President, Connective Design Inc."

“There are not many people who can get engineers and non-technical professionals talking to each other let alone being more productive. Babette does that. Her blogging and discussion forums on LinkedIn have opened the eyes of many professionals and they provide a great reference to go by in future discussions. I was also fortunate enough to preview her book, DO YOU MEAN BUSINESS, and it is a must read. Babette is a consummate professional who I look forward to following as she continues to be successful in her career.”
-- Ben Matthews, P.E., Project Manager, Atkins North America

We have worked with B for a number of years. She is very intuitive concerning our needs and limitations as a small business. Her word is her bond, and her effective sales approach is to squeeze out the maximum effectiveness for us whether we use it effectively or not. She and her associates worked hard, with us, to produce an expanded new website that we feel is EXCEPTIONAL and is producing great results in this time of economic distress. BRAVO!!
-- Dave Martin, President, Allied Window Inc.

Ive known Babette since 2005. Over the years, weve discussed numerous approaches to business development. She has a fine strategic mind, including the ability to translate the big picture into the tactical components that need to be put into play to execute business development strategies for her client group.
-- Jill Konrath, Author, Speaker, Strategist

I first met Babette through reading some of her informative and creative blog articles. I knew after becoming one of her followers we would be dynamic partners at some point in the future and soon after we were. For months now Babette has been a guest blogger on my career development blog and her articles have brought a fresh new twist to my readers and I really appreciate it. If you want to step outside of your shoes and look at things in a whole new perspective, you need to talk to Babette Ten Haken, shell push you outside of your comfort zone to new and exciting things!
-- Anthony Fasano, P.E., LEED AP, CPESC, CPSWQ, President, Powerful Purpose Associates

Books By Babette Ten Haken:

Do YOU Mean Business? Technical/Non-Technical Collaboration, Business Development and YOU


Babette Ten Haken

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