"Anthony is extremely professional and detailed. I have participated in his presentations and found them to be well organized, informative and well worth my time. I have worked with Anthony on the Technology Committee at the Mahwah Chamber of Commerce and found his knowledge to be very diverse. He is always a pleasure to work with."
-- Susan Lord, Hughes Environmental Engineering

"Anthony is a focused individual who pays careful attention to detail when listening and speaking. He is extremely dependable, responsive to input and puts forth great energy in his endeavors. When speaking with Anthony you learn that he is genuine and truly and takes pride in his profession. It is my pleasure to have worked with Anthony and I look forward to future engagements."
-- John Grillo, Engineer at Langan Engineering"

"Anthony presented to our group and is obviously passionate about spreading the word that engineers need to continue career development, throughout their career. Anthony provided excellent, thoughtful information that made me think about my future and how I am going to get where I want to go. His presentation was well organized, interesting, and thought provoking. Not only did he provide helpful information for my career development, but he also suggested additional reading materials that would go into deeper details of his specific points."
-- Deborah Katzman, Project Engineer at Nitsch Engineering

"The 6 points from the seminar were simple and great! The thoughts/suggestions were practical steps to take in setting yourself up for success in whatever career path you choose."
-- Bridie O’Neil, Recruiter at Aerotek

"This seminar gave me a wakeup call to figure out what I want to do with my career. It made me realize that my career is in my hands to shape and mold, and I don’t have to follow in anyone’s footsteps except my own!"
-- Aliza Wachsstock, Civil Engineer

"I have attended one of Anthony's seminars on Career Development geared towards younger engineers. The seminar offered invaluable tips and information on how to take your own career in your own hands. The seminar provided tips as well as answers to specific questions we face every day. I definitely recommend the seminar to everyone."
-- Magdalena Pietrzak, Civil Engineer at Greeley and Hansen


Anthony Fasano

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