I have worked with Farrell for five years on various projects. He is a highly capable, knowledgeable, and effective coach and teacher. His C-level revenue-driving experience at CNN gives him immediate legitimacy and his audiences listen and respond with a high degree of respect and attention. In essence, he gives it so that they ‘get it.’
-- Bill Shockley, Sales Director, SPIGIT, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with and for Farrell Reynolds for seven years at Turner Broadcasting, followed by three years at New World Communications. Farrell is an extremely intelligent, experienced business leader, with a stellar track record of maximizing revenue. He has exceptional communication skills, and is an effective motivator, teacher and mentor. Farrell is a gifted professional.
-- Rich Goldfsrb, Senior VP, National Geographic Channel"

Farrell Reynolds led our group of senior management at Comcast and helped transition them to advisors and market experts as he worked with us in reaching the “C” suite of key accounts around the country. Like many organizations today, our commitment to Farrell was based on a significant return on investment….clearly first in revenue, but also in strengthening and mentoring our key leadership in communication and relationship building at the highest levels of potential customers…..
-- Kevin Cuddihy, Senior VP, Univision Broadcasting

Farrell possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in world-class sales, business strategy, and executive leadership. He is a go-to advisor and has the great ability to communicate knowledge at any level in a kind and effective manner. I have had the great privilege of working with Farrell on several occasions and have the utmost respect for him as a mentor, friend, and example.
-- Vince Han, President, Change Anything LLC

Farrell Reynolds ability to move our sales force at Ruckus from just a bunch of individuals selling one-customer-at-a-time to a sales team that thought about how to succeed together each month was astonishing. One part sales executive, one part teacher and one part showman, Farrell inspires and entertains as he expands the thinking of those around him.
-- Nancy Hauge, Founder, Consulting Adult

Under Farrell’s tutelage I learned the technique of selling ideas to generate revenue in addition to selling products to meet customer needs. Selling this way allowed me to become a partner rather than merely another vendor and to open multiple revenue opportunities over time. It also was key to extending the life of individual contracts
-- Brad Vaughv, VP, Account Manager, Merrill Lynch


Farrell Reynolds

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Business Coaching
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