Just a note of thanks and say job well done! You seem to address the issues all about the same time I am being challenged with that very issue. What I particularly like about your articles is that you make it easy to read. As you know most sales people (what they call themselves) are not good readers. They feel what they need to learn will be achieved in front of the customer, well true when it comes to understanding where your product best works, but, your sales process best be perfected well before standing in front of your customer, that’s another subject. I clicked on your audio presentation and played it over several times and agree whole heartily with you. Being raised in Windsor, automotive town, I know all to well that the media will distort the truth just to sell papers and the end result, the economy suffers. I believe that if you are truly in tune with what is happening in your industry (passion) the better you will manage and forecast your year… Attached to that thought, we often forget that our children are listening as to how we handle it. Keep up the great work and look forward to many more informative articles.
-- Michael Geiger, Director of Sales, Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd

Bill Sayers is one of the great minds in sales today. He understands the game and knows how to coach and inspire winners. Bill is a great mentor for anyone interested in improving and his common sense approach to sales is timeless. Funnels & Forecasts will entertain you, inspire you and deepen your understanding of the great game of sales.
-- Jim Morris, Senior Vice President Sales, Element K"

I would like to thank you for the training provided in Saskatoon. I have participated in multiple training courses but the one provided by you has been by far the best. The half-day workshop was more beneficial to me with more takeaways than other 3 day courses I attended.
-- Greg Adelman, Business Representative, BASF - The Chemical Company

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Funnels & Forecasts - The Great Game of Sales


Bill Sayers

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Business Coaching
Customer Service
Sales Management

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