Just wanted to let you know I met with your client yesterday. Great meeting, great guy and he had raved about you. He said your work has been terrific and you've helped him and his wife immensely.
-- Paul Backalenick -CEO of Nexxite

"Alison is the greatest! I have never been an organized person and she came in and within 4 hours was able to turn my disaster of an apartment into an organized and tidy space. She helped me to create useful systems to manage my clothes, my shoes and accessories. I particularly liked how she used my input to determine which systems would work best for me. I am so happy with her work and definitely would recommend her to anyone needing a little help or motivation to get themselves organized!
-- Jeannette S. Dye-Manager of New York Guest"

I want to personally thank you for your recent assistance! What made your good work exceptional was the fact that I provided very little information for you to go on and quite frankly, I just don't have the luxury of time or energy these days. Your effort in tracking down the item was both expeditious and accurate to a tee. I would highly recommend Gotham Concierge to anyone needing professional services with a personal touch.
-- Albert H. Wu-Part Owner, ERC Inc

I want to thank you for your services the other day. I was in such a jam and you saved the day. I now know that the services you offer are invaluable to a busy professional like me. I can now enjoy my precious evenings and weekends doing the things I love. As my interior design business continues to grow, I know Gotham Concierge will be an integral part of my business. Your personal assistant services will help me manage the demands of my clients. My life has become so much easier knowing that you are only a phone call away.
-- Whitney Bell-President, Whitney Bell Designs

Mom is allowing some things to be removed each time family visits. A slow process so far but may pick up in the summer when more of us can visit. Thank you for your insight and education - it has made a huge difference in how we approach Mom and deal with her "stuff" at the same time.
-- Anonymous


Alison Kero

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