“I teach the art and science of selling but what lies beneath is the heart and psychology of what selling situations are all about. Diane has written a sincere and helpful tome for those who are ready to take their selling relationships to a much deeper level.”
-- TOM HOPKINS, author How to Master the Art of Selling

“Diane has an uncanny ability to draw issues from us that at holding us back. She is skilled at getting to the ‘heart of the matter’ in a way that inspires participants to hear, accept, and embrace her messages! I would highly recommend her to coach any sales profession or team.”
-- JANELL COLBURN, Chief Administrator, IdeasSiero Companies"


"...A guide for better presenting oneself, it comes with many tips on dealing with rude individuals, mind games, and selling what one is trying to sell without laying it on too thick. Just Treat Me Like I Matter is a high recommendation to anyone whose paycheck relies on selling themselves...”

“Just Treat Me Like I Matter is a valuable roadmap for anyone – from the novices to seasoned sales professionals – in any type of business venture. It is also a must-read for those who want to improve the quality of everyday life. No matter what type of selling they do, readers will find the book to be brimming with tools and techniques. Pinkard inspires readers and challenges them, and her approach is straight-up, genuine, and full of heart.”
-- SAVANNAH (“Savvy”) JONES, Review Editor, SirReadaLot.org

"Throughout my business career, I've recognized that sales is the live blood of success. Diane sets forth a straight forward approach to that success...Her personality shines through the words, as does her wisdom..."
-- DANIEL PERRY, President Emblem Financial, Inc.

Books By Diane Pinkard:

Just Treat Me Like I Matter: The Heart of Sales


Diane Pinkard

Areas of Expertise:

Business Coaching
Sales Management

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