"The session ‘Selling PRODUCT' which you very energetically conducted at our launch was the single most effective and significant presentation I have ever attended. I learned more in one hour on how to differentiate PRODUCT and how to approach difficult customers than I did during my entire training."
-- Specialist

"Jerry Acuff was quite honestly one of the best teachers I have ever heard. I use the word teacher intentionally, because that was what he was doing. He was not preaching or telling us what to do. I have already incorporated a couple of things I learned and it has made a large impact."
-- Sales Representative"

"Your style and philosophy are very refreshing and truly motivating! I especially appreciate your ability to craft the most brilliantly structured questions. You’ve raised it to an art form.”
-- Sales Representative

"Your workshop has really made a noticeable difference in CLOSING skills of my reps and the doctors pattern of saying ‘YES'. Thanks for all of your expertise and guidance."
-- District Manager

Books By Jerry Acuff:

The Relationship Edge in Business

The Relationship Edge

Stop Acting Like a Seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer


Jerry Acuff

Areas of Expertise:

Business Coaching

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