Susan has helped me create the visuals for my Speaking presentations and webinars. I could not be more pleased. Her in depth ability has upgraded my presentations to true expert status. If you require the finest Power Point presentations for the work you perform, then I highly recommend Susan's services.
-- Dianne Crampton, TIGERS Success Series Core Value Solutions For Team Cultures and Leaders

Thank you, Susan, for the time you spent with the TwinCities West IAAP Chapter teaching us how to think outside the slide; the information I learned from you in that one hour had a huge impact on the skills that I now bring to working with PowerPoint presentations. In fact, our most senior consultant called me the Picasso of PowerPoint!, and she does not issue praise lightly or often, so it was all the more appreciated.
-- Joan Gatzmeyer, Proposal & Report Coordinator, Health Dimensions Group"

Sue has a very extensive knowledge of presentation techniques and incredible creativity. She combines those with her experience in developing presentations to demonstrate an incredible grasp of what is possible with PowerPoint. She also has a great way of pointing out where you've gone wrong which leaves you feeling part of the solution rather than the root of the problem. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has to do high level, professional presentations.
-- Jim Stewart, CEO, ProfitPATH

Don't deliver another PowerPoint presentation until you talk to Sue Stoen! She has tremendous insight into what it takes to design a compelling presentation that inspires audiences. She will help you avoid delivering the infamous "Death by PowerPoint" presentation. Have Sue take your game to the next level. I've seen her do that for the Business Expert Webinars speakers as well as my own keynote presentation. She is the master!
-- Lee Salz, Chief Executive Officer, Business Expert Webinars

Sue is a multi-skilled communications professional. She is smart, has great followup and is integrity-driven. I'm pleased to have her on my team.
-- Tom Kuhn, CEO, Qnity

When you work with Sue Stoen, you can expect her to keep you focused on your key messages - she will bring creative insights to the table to ensure your key messages are memorable.
-- Kevin Field, CPCU, Travelers


Susan Stoen

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Business Communication

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