-- Henry DeVries, author of “Client Seduction” and founder of the New Client Marketing Institute

"Every time I come to your seminars it just gets better and better. Your mind doesn't think like the rest of the business community. The information that I get came from some divine place. Your last seminar I came to just amazed and dazzled me.!! You have a gift that is worth 10 x what you charge. My business has grown 150% since our introduction 1 year ago. You are the prime source of my business momentum."
-- Arthur Kaliel, ITEX San Diego"

-- Participants from Alexandria, VA, Mentor Protégé Program For SAIC

"Thanks for coming out and sharing your knowledge of networking with us. You did a fantastic job; in fact I had several of our Client Advisor’s say that you were the best speaker we have ever brought in. I think that says a lot coming from professional salespeople at the #1 BMW dealership in the nation. Our Advisor’s are the best of the best and you shared some tips that will make them even better. Your presentation was fun, interactive and informative. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to grow their business and earning potential through the art of outside networking."
-- Micah Kersh, Training Manager, CREVIER BMW

"Rhonda....what a wonderful job you did today. You are so engaging and have such wonderful energy. The attendees loved you. And a number of the SCORE counselors told me you were the best....loved your humor and message. just had to say thank you again and you are fabulous. ..let me know any thoughts or suggestions for the breakfasts."
-- Martha Ryan, Orange County Score

"As a Regional Sales Manager for one of the largest health carriers in California, I know that Rhonda’s “Value Added” presentations and one-on-one coaching for my territory has been a phenomenon for the brokers that I serve. Independent Insurance Brokers need to see her!"
-- John R. Roberts, Regional Sales Manager, Blue Shield of California

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The Science of Clients

The Two Minute Networker

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