“I am not a big supporter of most consultants. Over 12 years ago, Peter came in to our company (Mity-Lite) for a sales training and consultation. Peter taught us how to make more calls and win more business in a different method than we had looked at before. I was his first convert at the company. My sales team incorporated Peter's ideas into a program that made it possible for our team to outperform the other three teams at the company by over $2,000,000 or 36% in the first year! Peter has been a mentor to me since that point. He helped me to implement the same programs on the other teams (as I was promoted to VP of Sales). Peter took a me, a skeptic, into a firm believer of his programs and methods. I would highly recommend Peter and his consulting to any company that wants to improve their top line sales.” February 24, 2009
-- Kevin Stoker

“Peter is the pro's pro in the area of telesales. He is a proven master of process and technique, and also possesses the rare ability to couple and integrate sales with business requirements. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to start, improve, or simply refresh their sales efforts.” May 23, 2008
-- Keith Okano, President, Bridgeway Software, Inc"

“Peter is a true expert in his field. I have asked Peter many times and for many years to lecture in my Marketing and Advertising classes at UCLA and he always accepts. Peter has had a positive effect on more of my students than any other guest lecturer.” February 12, 2009
-- Dave Novak, Instructor, UCLA Extension

“Peter is so smart and so well educated about sales techniques. He combines keen insights into the sales process with the ability to engage with anybody -- and do it over the phone! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any company that needs to improve the quality of its inside sales force, because he walks the talk.” July 25, 2008
-- Susan Monroe, Principal, Written Right

“We brought your firm in to solve some very difficult inside sales problems, and we are extremely happy with the results. Our software sales campaign was a big success…”
-- Doug Chalmers, Vice President, Sun Microsystems/SunSoft

“Your information about covering one’s database, time management and closing techniques has made a positive impact. You will be pleased to know that the average inside salesperson’s call level has improved markedly…”
-- Robert H. Sommers, President, Symark International


Peter Belanger

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