“Rising Sun Consultants provides excellent customer service as they were very prompt in returning calls and getting back to us quickly as we scheduled our workshop. They customize their workshops by conducting pre-workshop conference calls, creating preliminary training agendas, and adjusting workshop goals to make sure the workshop met our specific needs. Our group enjoyed the workshop activities, discussion, and presentation by Rising Sun Consultants.”
-- Tracy Okonski, Marketing & Communications Manager, Angiotech

“I am the Director of Human Resources for a retirement community with 300 employees. We hired Rising Sun on several occasions to speak to and work with our management team. The staff was the most professional instructors I have worked with in my 25 years of business management. They listen well and have a keen knowledge of management problems and opportunities. They probe and question people about the issues in their business and challenge each individual to reflect on their weaknesses and work toward improvement through honest and open communication. Rick and Jim impressed me not only as effective teachers, but as a former manager who have lived and worked through the problems we all deal with. Consider Rick, Jim and their staff at Rising Sun Consultants for your business training needs.”
-- Greg Weaber, Human Resources Director, Cornwall Manor"

“Motivated, credible, passionate, entertaining……….these are just a few words that describe my experience with Rising Sun Consultants. I have been fortunate enough to work with Rising Sun on several occasions and they have always exceeded my expectations. Rick and Jim have a knack for influencing participants with their passion and expertise, and are able to make a personal connection with the audience. When exiting their workshops, I’ve often heard “Wow, they were great!” Enough said.”
-- Karen Baranko, Corporate Trainer, Campus Door

“Rising Sun Consultants began working with our Senior Management Team to help build cohesiveness and improve teamwork. We learned new processes and ways of reaching consensus. An unbelievable level of respect and support was achieved by all members of the team. Over time, this new way of working together was rolled out to every employee of our organization. The changes in the leadership were already evident and had become contagious. Since beginning this journey, sales have increased to %158, productivity and moral are high and we are simply realizing fantastic results. Our decision to engage Rising Sun was a great one. Too often, training is forgotten or never implemented. What we learned is used each and every day and continues to be a big part of our growth and success. I highly recommend making the decision to work with Rising Sun Consultants if you are interested in growing and improving your business.”
-- Sandra Greer, Vice President & General Manager, Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc.

“Rising Sun was a pleasure to work with. They completely understood what we wanted our final outcome to be with our youth group and they got us there. Rick and Jim had the perfect personality and related well to the 10th grade students who didn't know each other when they arrived and got them functioning as a team, thinking out of the box and learning things in a creative way. They were very adaptive and could change focus or steps to meet the needs and styles of the class members. They were detailed oriented (which I loved) and we felt very much a part of the process as well. They delivered what they said they would and more!”
-- Judy Juda, Program Director, Blair County Chamber of Commerce

“NHS wanted to provide an extensive training program for front line supervisors; however, our small training team did not have the time or expertise to launch such a program. Rising Sun Consultants has provided us with on-site staff to support our training team, to assess our needs, plan, and draft the course that we envisioned. They are true professionals and we now consider them a part of our training team.”
-- Dale Bomberger, D.Ed., Training Director, NHS Human Services


Rick Pierce, Ph.D.

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